Easy Pickled Onions

I created this little recipe back in 2015 (and already posted it on Instagram, guilty of recycling) and decided to revive it from my old blog. Mainly to remind myself to always have a jar handy but also because everyone always asks for the recipe. This is one of my all-time favorite staples to have in my fridge because it jazzes up just about anything - salads, Mexican dishes, sandwiches, grain bowls, you name it! Pickled veggies are also a really healthy alternative to other condiments. Enjoy! 


1 red onion, very thinly sliced
1 cup lukewarm water
½ cup apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
1½ teaspoons Maldon salt

Thinly slice the onion. In a separate bowl mix together warm water, vinegar, sugar, and salt until the salt and sugar are dissolved. Combine all ingredients in a canning jar and leave uncovered for at least an hour to let the pickling process begin. When you see the onions start to pickle - seal the lid on the jar and refrigerate overnight. Enjoy for up to two weeks!