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As spring began,

so did my third trimester and the final countdown started for our little man’s arrival! I find myself nesting like crazy these days - folding his little clothes and organizing his little things, it really makes things feel so real. I just can’t wait to meet him and become a mother :)

I spent a LOT of time researching and compiling the list of things we would need for him and tried to take a minimal approach so that our house wouldn’t drown in unnecessary baby gear. I have a fair amount of experience with babies - I have a big family and I also babysat for two infants in my earlier years, so I’ve used a lot of these products before and love that they are still popular!

This list is just about everything we got to prepare for our little man’s arrival. A strong preference of mine is that I really try to avoid toxic household products, plastic (as much as possible), and I try to stick to 100% cotton for clothing and household textiles as much as I can. It’s impossible to be perfect here but I do try to be mindful and choose products to reflect this.

Travel / Transportation / Carriers

These are some key items for mobility. A carrier for Dad/Zack to cruise with little man on his chest. A travel crib that I like for the higher infant set up option where you don’t have to lean as far down to pick them up. One of the safest car seats on the market and best-looking in my opinion…it’s also the lightest if we need to carry little man in it. An “easy chair” for dining out - you just clip it at the end of a table. Finally, the classic Baby Bjorn bouncer (they make so many nice neutral colors).

I didn’t include our stroller here because it deserves it’s own post. It’s a really beautiful customizable Dutch one that won’t get confused with a sea of similar strollers at the park. More on that soon!

Breast Feeding

For pumping, I got a Spectra S1 pump as well as some accessories to store a milk supply and some adapters on Amazon that let you pump directly into bags. This pump has been unanimously recommended to me as the best (outside of a hospital rental which seems necessary only for premies or if you run into nursing issues). I also got a hand expressing pump per my mom’s rec to have just in case. Hot tip - breast pumps are covered through insurance, just ask your provider for a list of retailers they work with. Another thing to note (which was not obvious at first) is the blue spectra pump can run wirelessly on a rechargeable battery and the pink one has to be plugged into the wall at all times. That factor seemed really limiting so I went with the blue, portable one. This isn’t the most glamorous item but it lets you pump hands-free.

Feeding Supplies

Anyone will tell you you can never have enough burp cloths / bibs, etc. so I stocked up on some really soft and large Amazon ones. I did a TON of research on the best glass baby bottles and the Avent ones kept coming up - they also have a good nipple shape and flow for a newborn. I also got a little drying rack and a bottle warmer so Zack could easily warm up a bottle as well. We got a beautiful Scandinavian style high chair but won’t be using this until he’s sitting up and eating solid foods.

Changing / Diapering

We won’t have a traditional nursery for our little guy because the extra room we have is separate from our house and not suitable for a newborn. We are planning to set him up in our bedroom (even with a nursery I found that everyone does this anyway). I found a beautiful changing table from Serena and Lily that I LOVED but the shipping/handling charges were surprisingly steep so I ended up just getting a simple tray top that I will just put on top of our current low dresser. This changing pad is non-toxic and inexpensive - there’s really no need for anything super fancy here. I got some organic cotton covers as well. Earth Mama is non-toxic and clean and has fabulous reviews on their diaper rash cream. I plan on trying everything on my own highly sensitive skin however, before I put anything on our baby. These diapers were also the most eco-friendly, non-toxic ones that I could find.

Sleep / Nursery

As I mentioned, our little guy will sleep in our room in a bassinet for easy nighttime feeding and the one below was the most minimal design I could find. I’m a bit weirded out by the SNOO, can’t justify the price, and don’t like the idea of all that tech (bluetooth, etc) near my baby. I also hear of babies becoming addicted to it and parents having a terrible time transitioning to a crib after using it. The mattress our bassinet comes with is NOT non-toxic so I found one that is and fits inside perfectly. This mattress is also firm enough to be safe since it is extremely unsafe to use a soft mattress or to put anything else inside his sleeping area. We do need to be able to spy on him while he’s napping so our friend got us this great little cam - it’s not wifi, just an old school monitor on it’s own system which I prefer. I LOVE the art of swaddling a baby and think it’s so fun to wrap them like a little taco so I got tons of traditional muslin swaddles. I also got a version for Dad or anyone helping that may want a quick and easy guided wrap.

Hang Time

The Dock-A-Tot was on the top of all my friend’s must-have lists and we also got a cute backup cover since babies, of course, spit up and poo and sometimes it gets all over the place ;) We also have the Bjorn bouncer, so we will see what he likes!

Health & Grooming

I’ve heard nail cutting horror stories so files and electric files are my plan of action. I also got a thermometer recommended by a pediatric nurse and got a little backup one for cross checking. I found some great larger muslin cloths on Amazon that will be good to just have around for messes or changing, etc.

Bath Time

I seriously cannot imagine anything cuter then bathtime with a baby. I got this bath support to put in our sink and a cute rinser cup to keep the water out of his eyes. Our friend got us the most special D.Porthault baby towel that I am SO in love with but I also linked a more affordable one from Serena & Lily.

Clothing Basics / Laundry

When it comes to clothes, I cannot say I adhered to the minimal vibe I was going for with his gear but for the newborn phase I really only stocked up on inexpensive cotton onesies in size NB and 0-3. It’s silly to buy anything else for this phase as it really only lasts a few weeks/months. I do really love some of the basics on H&M and considering the amount of time they fit, the price is right. Some are even 100% organic cotton. I linked a really great non-toxic detergent we will be using as well.

Fun Extras

These are a few miscellaneous things I grabbed that aren’t true necessities (well, the sun hat is!) but will be fun to have. A cute pacifier, an adorable clip to hold it in place, some hilarious teething toys, hearing protection so we can take him to concerts (we met at one after all and love live music), and a book that gives ideas for many fun infant and toddler activities.

I’ll do a baby-clothing-finds post next week since this one has gotten incredibly long! Hope this helps anyone else pregnant out there, I know I spent ages figuring out what we actually needed vs. wanted “because it was cute”.

Comment below if you have any products you swear by! We are very into all-natural, non-toxic things :)

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