Charleston, SC

I recently had the opportunity to do a little exploring in Charleston after a fun art direction job for a new clothing line [launching in two weeks! Check it out here]. It's a city I've always wanted to explore, and I really wish that I had more time there because it really exceeded every expectation. 

Southern Charm is a real thing and this city is BEYOND charming around every turn.  Besides the fact that the following are mostly from my iPhone, photos would never do this place any justice. Gorgeous historical buildings, unbelievable gardens, wrap-around verandas -- everywhere you go you just feel invited to kick your feet up and enjoy a gin and tonic.

It was one of my goals to run into Patricia Altschul and somehow convince her to invite me in for a martini and bond over snarky witticisms... but alas, I only gazed longingly at her gorgeous historical mansion from afar. This woman has life figured out and if you haven't seen her on Bravo you are missing out. The "Dressing Drink" is a necessity that I didn't know my life was missing for far too long. 

I digress....

Here's a fun little photo story of my trip as well as my favorite spots at the very bottom. The absolute highlight of my trip was the kind hospitality I received at 86 Cannon and if you are planning a trip to Charleston, this should be at the top of your list. 

Restaurants I loved...

  • Butcher and Bee 
  • Raw 167 - one of my favorites!
  • The Ordinary 
  • Caviar and Bananas 
  • Fig - really lovely dinner spot, romantic
  • Ristorante Juliet - great little Italian spot
  • The Daily - fun spot for coffee and pastries 
  • Callie’s Biscuits - don't miss this!!
  • Basic Kitchen  - great for lunch
  • Pancito and Lefty - great Mexican! 
  • Xao Bao Biscuit - the cabbage pancake!!
  • The Darling - gorgeous oyster bar 
  • Sugar Bakeshop - so fun and yum 

Day Activities I loved:

  • Using the bikes at 86 Cannon to explore the city
  • Walking through the most historic parts of the city and checking out the old homes
  • Visiting Middleton Place Plantation and exploring the gardens 

Things that came highly recommended that I want to check out next time:

  • Husk
  • Indaco
  • The Macintosh 
  • Halls
  • Cannon and Green
  • Coffee at Black Tap
  • Stars Rooftop
  • Beech
  • Gin Joint
  • The Dewberry 
  • Candlefish
  • Taco Boy
  • Cru Cafe
  • Leon's Oyster
  • Drinks at Zero George
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