Tulum, Mexico

The worst part about Tulum...

 ...is leaving!

From the moment I arrived, I knew it would take a spot in my top 10.

We danced under string lights and palm fronds, swam in crystal blue cenotes, frolicked on the white sand beaches, discovered culinary gems, and sipped the freshest tropical fruit cocktails. If the Mexico Board of Tourism wants to hire me, I'm ready to give speeches on the magic of this place. It was peaceful when we wanted it but fun and vibrant all at the same time. 

It didn't hurt that one of my friends on the trip was Mexican, spoke fluent Spanish, knew where to go and what to see, and had interesting things to tell us at every turn. She was our key to better service, stronger cocktails, and preferential treatment (never a bad thing). 

We stayed in a lovely hotel called La Zebra where our beach bungalows were a stones throw from the water's edge.

The staff, rooms, service, and food were all top-notch.

In Tulum, bikes are an excellent mode of transport so we took full advantage of our hotel's bike rental service.
We hopped on their cruisers and set out to explore town.

There were dozens of shops full of colorful bikinis, flowing beach dresses, sun hats, and gorgeous embroidered Mexican tapestries.

My friend Regina was insistent on stopping at Coqui Coqui to see a friend and pick up some fragrances... 

...and was I ever glad that we did!

If I could create my dream home from scratch it would look (and smell) something like this.

Their signature fragrance is intoxicating, and naturally I bought as much of it as my pesos could afford.

After some wandering through the jungle and along the beach... 

We came across the most swingin' bar in town!

One of my favorite spots on the trip, Coco Tulum, was not one to miss.

We hung out and swung out, cervezas in hand.

We enjoyed a constant flow of fresh ceviche, guacamole, and margaritas.

My dear friend, Catherine,
a vision in rojo,
was turning the ojos, 
making all the boys loco,
I think she enjoyed it, un poco ;)

The bars on the beach and restaurants nestled in the jungle did not lack charm.

Visiting the cenotes feels as though you've literally leaped through a Pinterest board.

You can bask in the clear blue waters...

Or run like a turkey as soon as a fish grazes your leg...

But most importantly, be sure to make friends with the locals. 

It's exhausting having fun with your best girlfriends in paradise.

So it's always handy to have a multitasker around.

On the last day of the trip we had a chance to check out the beautiful ruins.
We arrived early to avoid both the crowds and the heat. 

I would have taken more photos, but my concentration was on avoiding the real jefe's of the place - the iguanas. 
Friends to me only at the furthest of distances, they were sprawled out just about everywhere, basking in the morning sun.

On the last day, it was hard saying adios
but a few fun souvenirs helped to ease the pain. 


Tulum, you have a special place in my heart, I can't wait to see you again :)

TULUM cheat sheet :

Fly into Cancun and take an hour and a half shuttle or car service to Tulum. We used Bob Transfers and they were great. 
I stayed in Tulum for 5 days and I felt like that was more than enough time to relax, enjoy, and explore.

Dinner at Hartwood or Casa Jaguar (dancing in the back after!)
Breakfast at Coqui Coqui
Tacos on the beach at Taqueria La Eufemia
Lunch at La Zebra (I had the most amazing cheese I've ever tasted in my life at our hotel)

La ZebraBe TulumCoqui CoquiCoco Tulum

RUINS / We went to the ruins that were close to town, they were beautiful and had a fun little market at the entrance with painted ceramics, Mexican dresses, and amazing handmade hammocks. I lost track of my translator for this adventure and if I could have figured out how to say "mail home" in Spanish I would have felt like a real winner.
CENOTES / The first cenote we went to was a bit of a let down (Tercer Cielo) but Gran Cenote was very beautiful. Expect the cenotes to be a little crowded as they are very popular. I'd recommend going early in the morning. We didn't check out Caracol or Dos Ojos but heard that they are incredible. 
YOGA / A few girls on the trip did Yoga at Shala Tulum and loved it.

Enjoy yourself and speak Spanish as often as you can :) Olé

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