Paris, France

We began our Paris adventure hot on the heels of a 12-day trip to Norway. Paris actually turned out to be a convenient route for us to get back to our side of the world and we decided to turn it into a little vacation from our vacation. I had been to St. Tropez and Nice before, which resulted in a growing love affair with France, but never to Paris. Naturally, I was elated to finally spend some time exploring there.

Upon recommendations from friends, we stayed at an unbelievably charming AirBnb in the heart of Le Marais. Contrary to the amount of planning we did for Norway, we decided to wing it and see where the days would take us in Paris. We picked up a fun guide book that we found in our apartment and hit the streets to explore on foot. Our main objective, after spending our days hiking and camping in the mountains, was to relax and drink as much Rosé as possible. We did just that and discovered some rather enchanting spots along the way... 


Staying in this charming AirBnb in Le Marais.
Eating breakfast at Fragments, coffee at Telescope Café, lunch at Café Hugo overlooking the Place des Vosges, wine and charcuterie outside at Le Barav (you can buy a bottle of wine from their cellar next door and enjoy it on their patio), and Boris Lume for croissants and other delicious treats.
Exploring Le Marais and Montmartre, people watching in the park at Place des Vosges and Palais Royal, walking along the Seine at dusk, getting a bird's eye view of the city from the rooftop at Printemps, and having cocktails at the spectacular Hotel Particulier Montmartre. 

You can't go wrong in Paris if you cruise around on foot. It's a big city and there is a lot of ground to cover! We were a bit turned off by the touristy vibe under the Eiffel Tower but really enjoyed it from afar. I would also suggest skipping the very popular Cafe de Flore, a friend warned me that it was touristy and overrated and she was completely right. 

We got some really fantastic recommendations from the guide book we found in our AirBnb and I would highly recommend it (linked below).

Bon Voyage! 

TravelJen Kay