What kind of camera do you use? 

I have several old film cameras that I love to shoot with. Professionally, I use a Canon 5d Mark IV as well as a Canon 5d Mark II with a variety of prime lenses. I often take my Instagram photos with a Canon G7x as well as an iPhone. Every now and then I like to whip out a Polaroid camera as well. I've written about this in more detail [here].

Do you shoot weddings? 

While I have an immense amount of respect for those who do, I do not shoot weddings. I would consider it a completely different industry from the type of work that I do. I would highly recommend these talented wedding photographers: Leo Patrone (who shot my wedding), Ryan Ray, or Emily Scott for elopements. 

who takes The photos of you? 

When he's in the mood - my sweet husband. He's not a photographer (he’s in private equity) but he's very creative. I help him with camera settings and he snaps away! We do enjoy sharing our adventures through imagery. 

How do you find such unique locations?  

A great way to find cool locations is to hit the pavement and use your own two feet... and of course good ol' Google. Maybe it's the Norwegian in me but if you tell me somewhere is off-limits I will find a way to get in... and photograph it! I'm also not here to share all of my secrets ;)


How long have you been shooting for and how did you get started? 

I've been taking photos for as long as I can remember but I started my professional career over 10 years ago. I worked in-house for two different brands before deciding to start my own business. Prior to that I worked as a buyer and creative director in the fashion industry. Perhaps one of my most formative creative learning experiences was interning for Oscar de la Renta when I was just starting college. He was the greatest possible mentor. I think the traditional internship model is dead these days but I believe it's one of the most valuable things you can do. 

I learned Photoshop in high school (which has turned out to be an immesely helpful thing) and studied Studio Art at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

What kind of camera should I buy? 

While I can tell you a lot about cameras, I do not have an infinite knowledge of the consumer camera market. I would recommend first setting a budget for what you want to spend (the sky can be the limit with camera equipment) and shop for cameras within that range. Some great places that will offer guidance in purchasing are B+H Photo, Adorama, and Samy's Camera. I also recommend renting a camera and trying it out before you buy it. BorrowLenses.com has this option. Buying a more expensive camera will not make you a better photographer but understanding the basics (especially lighting) will.